Captain Jackson Keene was the captain of the ECS Fortunate in the mid-22nd century. His family had been on board the freighter for three generations.

In August of 2151, Keene was injured during a Nausicaan attack, during which time, his first officer, Matthew Ryan, took command and attempted a retaliatory strike against the Nausicaans.

When the Enterprise was dispatched by Starfleet Command in response to a distress call; Doctor Phlox treated Captain Keene's injuries. When Keene recovered, he demoted Ryan for his reckless actions. Keene had also come to realize, by this time, that he would need to upgrade the ECS Fortunate to a warp three engine just to stay in business. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

Keene was played by Charles Lucia.
Keene's first name, "Jackson", comes from the script of "Fortunate Son" and is not stated on-screen. The same first name was originally given to Captain Archer, though it never made it into canon then either, his first name being changed to "Jonathan". In the script of "Fortunate Son", Captain Keene was additionally described as "mid-fifties, lean and fit."

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