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J. Hanna is a film production worker, lighting electrician, and camera operator. Hanna was a Confidentiality Production Assistant on 2009's Star Trek.

Hanna worked on several independent short films for companies such as Ragtag Productions and Utopian Productions. For example, he was a grip and pre-production coordinator on Utopian's The Paw and an additional lighting technician and production assistant for Ragtag's Enjoy the Show. He was also an assistant cameraman on two short films, and worked as both a camera operator and a gaffer on Ragtag's series We Need Girlfriends.

Hanna's first experience on a major studio film was as a production assistant on the Paramount Pictures release Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Like Star Trek, this film featured Pasha Lychnikoff in the cast. Hanna's Star Trek colleague, Barry Curtis, also worked on Indiana Jones.

In addition, Hanna has been serving as a production assistant on the Showtime drama series Weeds. He is currently working on the film Drag Me to Hell, which is set for release in 2009.

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