The Iyaaran were a humanoid civilization native to the planet Iyar.

Society and culture Edit

Iyaarans reproduced by post-cellular compounding, and emerged full-grown from natal pods. They regarded the consumption of food as being for sustenance only, and their diet of bio-enzymatic supplement was bland in the extreme by the standards of many other humanoids. Iyaarans had no natural understanding or social forum for concepts such as pleasure, antagonism, or love.

History Edit

The Iyaarans conducted their first cultural exchange with the Federation in 2370. During the exchange they explored certain concepts by assigning an ambassador to each. While Ambassadors Loquel and Byleth succeeded in their studies of pleasure and antagonism, Ambassador Voval felt he failed to understand the nature of love. (TNG: "Liaisons")

People Edit

Technology Edit

Iyaarans were called "Iyarians" in the second draft script.