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The It's A Wrap! sale and auction is an ongoing sale of Star Trek props and wardrobe items following the Christie's auction 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection. It is being conducted by It's A Wrap! Hollywood, a memorabilia seller. The sale began on 15 December 2006 and items were expected to become available over the course of six months. In October 2007, the auctions were still in progress and IAW sent out an e-mail to some of the winners, announcing that the auctions would end in February 2008, with a special finale auction. As of December 2009, however, the auctions continue. Many items that apparently have been sold are re-listed with the same description, "unique" auction item number and photos. Some items seem to have unlimited supplies (Spock swim suits, Spock head bands, "Vulcan ration packs," "dilithium crystals" and more), causing some confusion with buyers. Multiple relisting of seemingly identical items, with the same item numbers and descriptions to items that have sold previously, adds to the concern and confusion.

The sale has produced several costume tags which identified background and stunt performers that were previously unknown and uncredited.


  • November 2006, the sale is announced (press release)
  • December 15, 2006, the sale begins
  • January 2007, IAW representatives at the Creation Star Trek London Convention
  • April 2007, IAW booth at Creation Grand Slam Convention in Los Angeles
  • August 2007, IAW booth at the "official" Star Trek convention in Las Vegas
  • In Week 65 (began February 29, 2008), IAW starts listing several fixed-price "Buy It Now" listings each week
  • May 2008, IAW representatives at the Creation Grand Slam Convention in Los Angeles
  • August 2008, IAW booth at the "official" Star Trek convention in Las Vegas
  • March 2009, IAW "reorganizes" its holdings with layoffs of their auction staff, including project manager Colin Warde and researcher Brian Soffel. The auction is effectively concluded despite discrepancies remaining with incomplete shipping of orders.
  • December 2009, IAW begins auctioning items from the latest film, Star Trek, on eBay


It's A Wrap! has released no official prices realized or results list, so the results are somewhat fuzzy. As of March 27, 2008, there have been 6,018 items with unique item numbers listed in 6,744 eBay listings. IAW is very inconsistent about its use of unique item numbers for duplicates or re-listed items, so the number of truly unique items is uncertain. There have been US$4,152,703.48 in 6,284 "won" listing. However, it is unlikely that is the actual amount. The lack of a prices realized list leaves only positive feedback and buyers' claims of winning an item as methods to confirm the items actually sold. Using these methods, it appears that IAW has realized at least US$1,570,325.69 for 2,630 listings. IAW has also been selling in their LA shops, at conventions, and by special arrangement. Several items with identical photos, descriptions and auction ID numbers seem to appear more than once, causing even more confusion. [1]

Noteworthy items

Satan's Robot, IAW

Satan's Robot costume

  • IAW# 1767, titled "STAR TREK I: THE MOTION PICTURE 'SPOCK' SPACESUIT", is an EV suit worn by Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This is currently (as of May 4th) the second highest-priced item to sell, at US$10,100. [2]
  • IAW# 1140, titled "STAR TREK: VOYAGER 'SATAN'S ROBOT!' COSTUME", is the costume of Satan's Robot. It sold for US$4,658.00, the second highest item of week 6. [3]
  • One MACO uniform, IAW# 0124 with the nametag "R. Azar", and two mirror-universe MACO uniforms, IAW# 0868 with nametag "C. Black" and IAW# 2078 with nametag "M. Romero". They sold for US$1,025, US$885, and US$1,075 respectively. There is also a mirror universe B. Moreno MACO uniform in there somewhere at IAW #0869. [4]
  • IAW# 0925, titled "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION 'WORF' NINTH PLACE TROPHY", Worf's bat'leth tournament trophy from the parallel universe in which he won ninth place; from TNG: "Parallels". It sold for US$1,341. [5]
  • IAW# 0625, titled "STAR TREK I: THE MOTION PICTURE 'JAMES DOOHAN' 'CLASS-B' SHIRT", is a Star Trek: The Motion Picture-style uniform, but it is clearly not a shirt worn by James Doohan due to the incorrect rank and division insignia, although the costumer's tag on the item reads "James Doohan". The most likely explanation is that this shirt was worn by one of Doohan's sons, who were both extras in The Motion Picture. [6] After being offered in week 3 and not meeting the reserve set by It's A Wrap!, with a high bid of US$1,625, the item was re-listed in week 15 and sold for US$3,450. [7]
  • IAW# 1447, titled "KYLE RIKER'S ANBO-JYUTSU WHITE SUIT PLUS BONUS", and IAW# 1448, titled "COMMANDER RIKER'S ANBO-JYUTSU RED SUIT PLUS STUNT BONUS", are suits worn by Mitchell Ryan and Jonathan Frakes in "The Icarus Factor" while their characters, Kyle Riker and Will Riker, sparred with one another in an anbo-jyutsu match. Kyle Riker's (white) suit sold for US$395 and Will Riker's (red) suit sold for US$835. The two separate costumes were sold to two different buyers. [8]

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