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Isolinear frequency

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Isolinear frequency

An astrometrics display of an isolinear frequency

An isolinear frequency is a unique waveform component which can be produced both artificially, as a means of information transmission, or naturally, by a star or quasar.

A race of aliens which existed in chaotic space utilized an isolinear frequency to produce a signal designed to activate certain DNA sequences, in an effort to facilitate communications with vessels which had become trapped in their realm. They performed this procedure in 2375 on Commander Chakotay, first officer of the USS Voyager, which had become trapped in a region of chaotic space in the Delta Quadrant. Reactivating a genetic marker in Chakotay which caused him to experience hallucinations, the aliens used his visions in an attempt to communicate a method whereby Voyager could escape back to normal space. Although this procedure caused Chakotay a certain amount of distress, it was ultimately successful, and Voyager was able to leave chaotic space. (VOY: "The Fight")

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