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Isabel Garcia Lorca (born 1967) is the actress who played Gabrielle in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "We'll Always Have Paris" in 1988. She was born Isabelle Brousseau in Montreal, Canada, and adopted the name of her favorite poet, Federico Garcia Lorca.

She has been running a business as a personal trainer since 1998, working with such stars as Pierce Brosnan and Kevin Spacey.

On-screen she has performed in films such as Flammes (1978), Power Game (1983), Desperately Seeking Susan (1985, with Timothy Carhart, John Hoyt, and Tim Ransom), Lightning - The White Stallion (1986), The Pick-up Artist (1987, with Vanessa Williams and Bob Gunton), Angustia (1987), She's Having a Baby (1988, with William Windom, Larry Hankin, Bill Erwin, Kirstie Alley, and Wil Wheaton), Columbo: Murder, a Self Portrait (1989, with Fionnula Flanagan and George Coe), and Nick of Time (1995, with Bill Smitrovich, C.J. Bau, and Ray Uhler), and in television series such as ER pilot episode (1994, with Scott Jaeck, Julianna McCarthy, Michael Cavanaugh, Christine Healy, Liz Vassey, Shelly Desai, Thomas Dekker, and Miguel Ferrer).

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