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Irving Feinberg

Irving A. Feinberg in 1967

Irving A. "Irv" Feinberg (12 April 190920 August 1991; age 82) was the property master for nearly the entire run of Star Trek: The Original Series. Among other things, he was responsible for acquiring or modifying the field reader tube and the laser scalpel; his props were referred to by the cast and crew as Feinbergers. (The Making of Star Trek)

Robert Justman wrote about Feinberg: "When you think of Star Trek props, you have to think of Irving Feinberg, the show's beloved property master, a special crew member who actually came from Desilu. Necessity was the mother of invention on Star Trek. Someone would yell, "Props, we need that new 'Feinberg' for the next scene," and Irving (usually dressed in his trademark baggy shorts that displayed his knobby knees) or his assistant, Al Jacoby, would come running with it. Since no one could ever remember the names of the various gadgets Irving put together, they were all called "Feinbergs"." (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, p. 120) He was also referenced in the naming of Phynburg Oscillating Framizam.

He also served as property master of The Untouchables, another Desilu production.

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