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In 2375, the Allies were progressively wearing down the Dominion, the war seeming to be near its end. With their lines barely holding, the Dominion left many Cardassian worlds open to attack, leaving them nearly defenseless against invasion. Septimus III was just one of these worlds.

The Cardassian Eleventh Order's headquarters were located on this planet, though that Order was badly weakened from numerous battles throughout the Dominion War. General Martok claimed the Order consisted of "old men and walking wounded", and that the planet would fall with ease. Without reinforcements from the Jem'Hadar, his statement was not far from the truth.

Legate Damar realized the Eleventh Order's dire need for reinforcements, and Weyoun promised he would 'deal with it'. However, Weyoun's reassurance was without merit. For within a matter of days, the Klingon Empire, under Martok's leadership, landed 15 divisions and successfully conquered Septimus III - the entire Eleventh Order, comprised of 500,000 loyal Cardassian soldiers, was left to be slaughtered. Weyoun later justified the Dominion's inaction by claiming that doing so had forced the Klingons to commit valuable resources to conquer what he described as a "strategically worthless" planet.

The Invasion of Septimus III was a pivotal event of the Dominion War. It revealed to Damar that the Dominion was not only willing to allow the Cardassian people to take the brunt of the allies' assaults, but that they would needlessly sacrifice as many Cardassians as they deemed necessary to win the war. Weyoun's betrayal, as well as the secret alliance made with the Breen fueled Damar's rage to the boiling point. It was after this that Damar decided to rebel against the oppressive Dominion, thus leading to the Cardassian Rebellion. (DS9: "Strange Bedfellows")

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