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Interphasic organism

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Interphasic organism

Interphasic organism

Interphasic organisms were lifeforms that existed in a state just beyond visual and sensor acuity. Invisible to the naked eye, the organisms could be revealed through use of an interphasic scanner.

In 2370, the USS Enterprise became infested with these organisms, which arrived on board along with a new warp plasma conduit which had been recently installed. The organisms had originally been attracted to the conduit on planet Thanatos VII, where the conduit had been manufactured using a new interphasic fusion process. The organisms then lay dormant in the conduit until the Enterprise crew activated the warp core.

These organisms fed on the crew's cellular peptides, a process which would eventually have led to their deaths. Fortunately, Lieutenant Commander Data's positronic subprocessor detected a high-frequency interphasic signature from the organisms, leading to their discovery by the crew. This detection manifested itself as unusual imagery within Data's dreams. Stabbing the organisms with a knife did not affect the creature, as evidenced by Data's attempt against Deanna Troi.

Commander La Forge was then able to modify Data's subprocessor to emit a high-frequency interphasic pulse to successfully eliminate the creatures. (TNG: "Phantasms")

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