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Intermix formula

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An intermix formula is the mathematical formula for combining matter and antimatter in such a way that it results in the balanced implosion required for power generation in a warp core.

In 2266, the normal intermix formula used on the warp drive of Template:ShipClass starships required thirty minutes, or twenty two if hastened, to regenerate the core when it was initialized from a shut down state. The USS Enterprise became the first starship to test a theoretical new formula based on the relationship between time and antimatter. It involved a complete cold start of the core, without regeneration or heating of the antimatter. The crew were forced to use this theoretical formula when they attempted to avoid a crash landing to the Psi 2000 planet.

The formula worked, and the ship did not explode, even though there was only a ten thousand to one chance of success. It also had the side effect of generating more engine power than was possible to read with the ships instrumentation, and a warp speed greater than was theoretically possible to achieve in normal space. The ship escaped this time warp by simply reversing power. (TOS: "The Naked Time")

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