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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Intelligence Gathering is the fifth IDW series of Star Trek comics.

The series is set during the fifth season, and explores Worf's early command roles, Riker and Data's relationship, La Forge's non-engineering work, and Troi's mental abilities, in addition to some other rarely seen characters.

The series was originally intended to be titled House Call, but was renamed shortly after its announcement in the "Focus on... Star Trek" comic.

Scott and David Tipton are the writers of the series, with David Messina providing the artwork. This is the same group that worked on the Star Trek: Klingons - Blood Will Tell miniseries.

A trade paperback omnibus of the series was released in August 2008.

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Issues Edit

  1. "Valued Intelligence"
  2. "A Matter of Dates"
  3. "Chasing Shadows"
  4. "Matters of the Mind"
  5. "Disgrace"