Insectoid ship

The pod ship and the Enterprise

For the ships used by the Xindi-Insectoids, please see Xindi-Insectoid starship.

The insectoid ship or pod ship was an ancient starship utilized by an ancient insectoid species of unknown origin.

The insectoid ship was discovered by the USS Enterprise in 2269, during a star charting mission. Charged with a degree of magnetism, it was found orbiting Questar M-17, apparently destroyed by its crew 300 million years ago.

The ship's design was much like that of a beehive. It had honeycomb-like hexagonal cells and was structured as a network of pods. It was constructed of an unknown alloy that was harder and lighter than any that the crew of the Enterprise was aware of, at that time. The metal was not cast or rolled, but drawn into filaments and spun like a spider's web. Lieutenant Uhura remarked that the design of the ship was touched with grace and beauty. The interior of the pods contained energy accumulating wands that collect energy from motion, sound, light, heat, and magnetism.

When an away team beamed over to the ship, the accumulator wands drained their phasers, but left the life support belts, communicators, and tricorders unchanged. Further investigation by the Enterprise crew revealed that the ship had been built by an insectoid species and that the crew had destroyed the ship to prevent a dangerous magnetic organism from escaping the intense magnetic field of the star. The ship was later destroyed by the magnetic organism, using the Enterprise's phasers, after the organism transferred itself to the Enterprise. (TAS: "Beyond the Farthest Star")

Satisfying Gene Roddenberry with a design for the insectoid pod ship was, according to background artist Robert Kline, the hardest challenge in creating Star Trek: The Animated Series. "For 'Beyond the Farthest Star', Roddenberry wanted a previously unseen design for the derelict spaceship," Kline remembered. "After literally 100 tries, he accepted the 'melons on vines' design you see in the episode. All of the other designs were eventually used in an episode [called "The Time Trap"] that featured a graveyard of lost spacecraft." (Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Original Cast Adventures, p. 156)

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