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Insect trap hanging

Insect trap

Insect trap on tripod

suspended from tripod support structure

Insect traps were Starfleet-issue equipment used to catch several small types of lifeforms using glucose as bait. They might be hung from branches, or from a tripod-like support system.

In 2372, Kathryn Janeway used these traps on a uninhabited planet in the Delta Quadrant to catch insects that infected her and Chakotay with a disease forcing them to stay on there. These insects were used to develop an antidote to the disease. All of the traps were destroyed during a plasma storm on the planet, and a antidote was not found by Janeway. Dr. Danara Pel was contacted by USS Voyager, and she did have an antidote. (VOY: "Resolutions")

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