Sarpeidon prosecutor

A magistrate of Sarpeidon

The Inquisitional Tribunal was a legal body on the planet Sarpeidon at some point during that planet's Middle Ages. The Tribunal was normally assembled to deal with serious crimes, such as witchcraft and possessed authority to order executions of the guilty - most often by burning at the stake. Officials of the Inquisitional Tribunal were known by the title "Inquisitor."

There was some glimmer of hope for those brought before the Inquisitional Tribunal, since some form of defense was apparently allowed, and the accused was offered the opportunity to disprove charges and prove their innocence. The accused could also denounce others, who would themselves then be brought before the Inquisitional Tribunal.

In 2269, Captain James T. Kirk traveled back in time through the Atavachron, and was quickly charged with witchcraft. Kirk was scheduled for an appearance before the Inquisitional Tribunal; however, a magistrate (also from the future) helped Kirk escape - mostly out of fear of himself being denounced as a witch since he too was a time traveler. (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays")