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An injection was a medical procedure whereby a drug or other substance was introduced into a lifeform, usually for the purpose of effecting healing. While injections prior to the 22nd century were delivered via a needle, hyposprays were mostly used from that point onward. The Malon used subdermal injectors. (VOY: "Juggernaut")

In 2268, Henoch, inhabiting Spock's body, worked in the pharmacology laboratory of the USS Enterprise to prepare a metabolic reduction injection for the bodies occupied by Sargon's people. (TOS: "Return to Tomorrow")

Injections could be administered intramuscularly, intravenously, or subdermally. (TOS: "Whom Gods Destroy", VOY: "Rise", "Juggernaut")

The Borg used their assimilation tubules to inject nanoprobes into the individuals they're assimilating. (ENT: "Regeneration"; Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2154, Starfleet officer Hoshi Sato was kidnapped from her post on Enterprise NX-01 by Dolim's order. Sato's synaptic pathways were altered through a series of parasitic injections into her neocortex. This was to force Sato to break the Xindi-Aquatic encryption protocols, giving Dolim the launch codes to the Xindi weapon. (ENT: "The Council", "Countdown")

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