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Alpha and Beta Quadrant Edit

United Federation of Planets Edit

Homeworlds Edit

Colonies Edit

See also: Federation colonies

Other Edit

Breen Confederacy Edit

Cardassian Union Edit

See also: Cardassian planets

Dominion Edit

Ferengi Alliance Edit

Klingon Empire Edit

See also: Klingon planets

Orion Syndicate Edit

Romulan Star Empire Edit

See also: Romulan planets

Tzenkethi Edit

Xindi Edit

Non-Aligned or Undetermined Edit

# Edit

A Edit

B Edit

C Edit

D Edit

E Edit

F Edit

G Edit

H Edit

I Edit

J Edit

K Edit

L Edit

M Edit

N Edit

O Edit

P Edit

R Edit

S Edit

T Edit

U Edit

V Edit

W Edit

X Edit

Z Edit

Gamma Quadrant Edit

Dominion Edit

Non-Aligned Edit

Delta Quadrant Edit

Borg Collective Edit

Kazon Collective Edit

Vidiian Sodality Edit

Haakonian Order Edit

Krenim Imperium Edit

Malon Edit

Non-Aligned Edit

Uncertain Edit

Non-Aligned Edit

Andromeda Galaxy Edit

Alternate universe Edit

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