The induction grid was a piece of technology aboard Borg vessels as well as the Cardassian space station Empok Nor.

In 2373, when a Starfleet salvage team was stranded aboard Empok Nor, Chief O'Brien had the idea to modify the station's deflector grid to emit a series of covariant pulse to call for help. To boost signal strength the group had to boost power to the induction grid, which involved bringing the microfusion reactor online, realigning the magnetic flow field and setting up a signal generator. (DS9: "Empok Nor")

In 2376, a Borg cube crewed only by neonatal drones attempted to take the USS Voyager's main deflector with a tractor beam. The Voyager crew sent a feedback pulse through the tractor beam, overloading its induction grids and destroying the cube. (VOY: "Collective")

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