The Imhotep were a humanoid species with vaguely amphibian characteristics from the Delta Quadrant.

For years, the Imhotep were at war with the Antarians and the Terrellians. Only in the late 2370s was a peace treaty finally signed, ending the conflict. In its place, a race would be held every year, the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally. The first race was run in 2377, and the Imhotep won. (VOY: "Drive")

People Edit

Background information Edit

Although unspecified in the episode, based on Neelix and Seven's race updates, it can be assumed that Assan and his flight partner were members of the Imhotep species.

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 360) thought this species was named for Imhotep. He was an Egyptian architect, engineer, and physician who lived in the 27th century BCE.

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