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Multiple realities
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Karyn Archer

Karyn Archer, an individual with Ikaaran ancestry

The Ikaarans were a race native to the Delphic Expanse in the 21st century.

In an alternate timeline in which the Enterprise NX-01 was thrown back in time from the year 2154 to 2037, Enterprise rescued an Ikaaran woman named Esilia, whose ship was trapped in a field of spatial anomalies. Esilia and Captain Archer ended up marrying and having children, the descendant of whom was Karyn Archer, who would become Enterprise's first officer in the 22nd century. The Enterprise crew also obtained an isomagnetic collector from the Ikaarans, a technology capable of absorbing residual particles emitted from an impulse manifold. This technology would prove pivotal in 2154, when the Enterprise crew attempted to assist their counterparts in avoiding the accident which threw them back in time in the first place. (ENT: "")

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