Data, taken over by Ihat

Ihat was one of many of the D'Arsay personalities to "possess" Lieutenant Commander Data in 2370.

Ihat was among the most flamboyant and vocal, with feminine mannerisms, but was referred to as a male. Ihat claimed to have escaped Masaka, suggesting that Ihat was an intended sacrifice who got away. Ihat was the first to reveal the sign for Masaka's temple to Captain Jean-Luc Picard, although Masaka interrupted by killing Ihat. While scornful of Masaka, Ihat had a grudging respect for her powers when she was awake. Like the other D'Arsay personalities, Ihat seemed not to be afraid of Korgano, reinforcing Picard's belief that Korgano was seen as a protector as opposed to a destroyer. Ihat was also the first to mention Korgano, claiming that only Korgano can keep Masaka asleep. (TNG: "Masks")

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