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For his clone, see Ibudan (clone).


Ibudan was a Bajoran murderer who ran black market medical supplies through Terok Nor to Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. Ibudan had no regard for his fellow Bajorans, and was willing to gouge them, even if they were in need of medical supplies. While serving as chief of security on Terok Nor, Constable Odo once saw Ibudan let a child die when the parents couldn't afford the drug that would have saved her life. Despite this, some Bajorans actually considered him a hero.

During the mid-2360s, Ibudan killed a Cardassian officer who wanted a payoff to look the other way. He went to prison for murder but was released when the provisional government was established in 2369. Ibudan vowed vengeance on Odo for sending him to jail, and tried to frame him for murder. He devised a plot to fake his own death and have Odo arrested for murder. He created a clone of himself and then killed it in order to frame Odo. After Dr. Bashir found out that the corpse was a clone, Odo searched for Ibudan. He was masquerading as a traveler named Lamonay S. Odo captured him and Ibudan was arrested for killing his clone. (DS9: "A Man Alone")

Ibudan was played by Stephen James Carver.

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