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I Am Not Spock is Leonard Nimoy's first autobiography. Published in 1977, between the end of Star Trek: The Original Series and the production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the book received criticism from some fans due to the perception that he was rejecting the character Spock. In reality, he maintained he was only clarifying the difference between himself and Spock, whom he always enjoyed playing. However, he later published I Am Spock in an attempt to atone for past mistakes.

Blurb Edit

Who is this man?
To a watching world he is the logical, powerful, stalwart first officer of the Starship Enterprise – the adored object of millions of Star Trek fans.
For 3 years, 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, he functioned as the half-Human, half-Vulcan Mr. Spock, an extraterrestrial. He is not. He is Leonard Nimoy. An actor. A teacher. A writer. A father. A husband. A real flesh-and-blood Human being.
Now while the phenomenal popularity of Star Trek still grows, Nimoy doffs the pointy ears and placid face and reveals himself totally – his relationship with fellow actors; the backstage frenzies; the near-cancellation of Star Trek; the lean years; the loneliness, the battles and the ultimate struggle to survive his own success!
If he is not Spock, who is?
If he is not Spock, who is he?
What is the logical answer?

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Contents Edit

  • Preface: If I'm Not Spock, Who Is?
  • Introduction
  • The Alien Connection
  • I Am Not Spock
  • Metamorphosis
  • Warp One
  • Impact: The Public and the Press
  • Spock and Me: The Divided Self
  • A Family Affair
  • Why?
  • Instant Replays
  • Mission to Mission
  • The Goodies Box
  • Live Long and Prosper – L'Chaim

Background information Edit

In an episode of The Simpsons, "Comic Book Guy" purchases Leonard Nimoy's three autobiographies, I Am Not Spock, I Am Spock, and I Am Also Scotty (where the last one is a fictional book).

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