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Year(s) of service
Last known status
PWB Aj'rmr Unknown 2375 Active
IRW Belak D'deridex-class 2371 Destroyed
IRW Decius D'deridex-class unknown unknown
IRW Dividices D'deridex-class 2375 Active
IRW Devoras D'deridex-class 2367 Active
Gasko unknown 2370 Active
IRW Genorex D'deridex-class 2375 Active
IRW Haakona D'deridex-class 2365 Active
IRW Khazara D'deridex-class 2369 Active
PWB Koderex Unknown 2375 Active
IRW Makar D'deridex-class 2371 Destroyed
Narada Mining vessel 2387 Destroyed
PWB Preceptor Unknown 2375 Active
Pi Scout ship 2366 Destroyed
Scimitar Warbird 2379 Destroyed
IRW T'Met D'deridex-class 2374 Active
PWB T'Tpalok Unknown 2375 Active
Talvath Science vessel 2350-2352 Unknown
IRW Terix D'deridex-class 2370 Active
PWB Tomal Unknown 2375 Active
IRW Valdore Valdore-type 2379 Active

Background information Edit

The registry "IRW" is an abbreviation for "Imperial Romulan Warbird". It was used explicitly in reference to the Khazara in TNG: "Face of the Enemy" and is assumed to apply to other Warbird-like Romulan ships not otherwise identified. Casualty reports later appearing in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine began using the registry of "PWB", which might mean "Praetorian Warbird", possibly in reference to a subsection of the Romulan military.

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