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IKS Somraw personnel

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Crew of the IKS Somraw in 2151.




Klingon Captain (Somraw)

The Klingon captain of the IKS Somraw

This captain commanded the Somraw in a raid against a race called the Xarantines, taking several cases of Xarantine ale as spoils of war.

After hiding in the atmosphere of a Q'tahL class planet to make repairs, the entire crew fell ill from a toxin in the ale and all but one lost consciousness. The crew was saved when Enterprise personnel developed an antidote to the toxin and moved the ship out of the atmosphere.

After recovering, the Somraw's captain attempted to attack Enterprise. However Captain Jonathan Archer pointed out that the Klingon ship was no match for Enterprise in its condition and urged the Klingon captain to take what honor he had left and go home. (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs")

This Klingon captain was played by Trek regular Vaughn Armstrong.

Bridge officers

These two bridge officers were unconscious on the bridge of the Somraw after consuming toxic Xarantine ale.

One was hunched over a standing console located in the aft section of the bridge; the second was slouched against a port-side console. (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs")


These two engineers were unconscious in the reactor pit of the Somraw after consuming toxic Xarantine ale.

One was found by Enterprise away team on the floor, while the second was found slumped over a work console where he lost consciousness while conducting repairs on the port fusion reactor. T'Pol and Malcolm Reed had to pick him up off the console and laid him on the floor in order to continue his repairs. (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs")

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