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A list of personnel aboard the IKS Pagh in 2365.

Named Edit

Unnamed Edit

Crewmembers Edit

These four Klingon officers served aboard the IKS Pagh in 2365 when Commander Riker came aboard as part of the Officer Exchange Program. They've passed Riker while he was brought to the captain and some of them served on the bridge. They were all present in the mess hall when Vekma told about her interest in Riker. (TNG: "A Matter Of Honor")

Tactical officer Edit

Pagh tactical officer

A Klingon tactical officer

This Klingon served as tactics officer on the IKS Pagh under Captain Kargan in 2365.

When Commander William T. Riker joined the crew as part of the Officer Exchange Program, this officer brought him to the bridge and later, along with Lieutenant Klag, struck up a conversation with Riker about the similarities between their species. When the subject turned to family, this officer told Riker that his mother was still alive but his father had been killed in battle at Tranome Sar. (TNG: "A Matter Of Honor")

This Klingon tactical officer was played by actor Peter Parros.
IMDb and the Star Trek Customizable Card Game give his name as Dukath.

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