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The IKS P'Rang was a Klingon cruiser that was in service with the Klingon Defense Force in the mid-24th century. In 2365, the P'Rang was ordered to rendezvous with the sleeper ship IKS T'Ong, which was returning from a seventy-five-year extended mission. However, the P'Rang could not reach the T'Ong before its Federation-Klingon War-era crew revived inside Federation space, though the USS Enterprise-D was able to prevent the T'Ong from causing any damage. The P'Rang later escorted the T'Ong back to Klingon space. (TNG: "The Emissary")

According to the script for the episode, the pronunciation for P'Rang was "PRANG". [1]
The P'Rang was not shown on screen, so its specific class was unknown. In the episode, it was referred to simply as a "cruiser".

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