"I, Q: An Insider's View of the Continuum" was the second draft of an essay about the Q Continuum, composed by Q, Junior during his training aboard the USS Voyager in 2378.

Initially, Junior tried to pass off an essay composed by Icheb as his own work, but Captain Kathryn Janeway recognized the young Brunali's writing style. Furious, she told Junior his training was terminated. Fearing his father's threat to turn him into an Oprelian amoeba for life, Junior begged Janeway for a second chance. After she acquiesced, he presented her with another draft of his essay, this time his own work, even though she hadn't asked him to do so.

Later, Junior presented his rewritten essay to Janeway and Q. To Janeway's dismay, Q was unimpressed with his son's work. (VOY: "Q2")

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