Transwarp humans offspring

Janeway and Paris' offspring.

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These three hyper-evolved Humans were amphibian-like creatures that were the offspring of Tom Paris and Kathryn Janeway after they experienced hyper-evolution. While their parents were returned to Voyager and "de-evolved" back into normal Humans, these young creatures were left on the unknown planet in the Delta Quadrant where they were born. It is unknown what happened to the species afterwards. (VOY: "Threshold")

The transwarp Human offspring were partly small puppets and partly CG-creations. (Red Alert: Visual Effects Season 2, VOY Season 2 DVD special features)
According to the short story "On the Rocks", the three creatures were named B'Elanna, Harry, and Tuvok. There was a fourth creature named Neelix who had been killed by a predatory animal.