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Ensign Hutchison was a Starfleet command division officer serving aboard the NX-class starship Enterprise NX-01 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer between 2152 and 2154.

Service history Edit

2152 Edit

Hutchison served as a relief helmsman during the incident in the Romulan minefield in 2152. After the Enterprise's regular helmsman, Travis Mayweather, successfully piloted the starship through the field of cloaked mines after several hours, Commander Tucker suggested Mayweather take a well-deserved break and allow Hutchison to take over the helm. Mayweather, however, asked to remain at his post. Hutchison remained on duty at an aft station of the bridge. (ENT: "Minefield")

He was among the crewmembers who spent some R&R in the recreation facility aboard the automated repair station and was seen unconscious in a corridor when Enterprise passed a black hole. Later he visited sickbay. (ENT: "Dead Stop", "Singularity")

NX-01 vertical access tunnel, 2152

Hutchison and another crewmember transporting bags through a Jefferies tube

He was working as relief communications officer on the bridge when the senior staff had a meeting in the situation room. Later, when the crew was forced to stay at the catwalk for several days, Hutchison passed the locker room and transported bags through a vertical Jefferies tube to the catwalk. At the catwalk he listened to a conversation between Captain Archer and a crewmember about her crossword puzzle and attended the weekly movie night. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

He served on an aft station of the bridge when the ship had Suliban intruders. (ENT: "Future Tense")

2153 Edit

In 2153, Hutchison joined fellow crewmembers for another movie night in the mess hall, this time watching Frankenstein, and served again as relief helmsman while Travis Mayweather was on a rescue mission for three Denobulan scientists. (ENT: "Horizon", "The Breach")

He attended the reception for the Vissians held in the mess hall. (ENT: "Cogenitor")

He was working in the situation room on the bridge when Captain Archer made contact with the Tellarite Skalaar who kidnapped him a short time late. (ENT: "Bounty")

He also remained on this station when Enterprise returned home to Earth for repairs. (ENT: "The Expanse")

The same year, Hutchison manned the helm and set course for the damaged Seleya, which was trapped in an asteroid field. He later appeared in a nightmare of T'Pol, sitting in the mess hall for movie night and eating popcorn. (ENT: "Impulse")

2154 Edit

Ensign Hutchison manned the helm during the absence of Travis Mayweather in 2154 and the forceful contact with three Vulcan starships. (ENT: "Awakening")

Background information Edit

Ensign Hutchison was played by regular background actor Scott Sterling Hill who received no credit for his appearances.

Hutchison can also be seen in the ENT Season 2 DVD special feature "Shooting Future Tense", which includes behind the scenes footage.

Appearances Edit

(This list is currently incomplete.)

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