The lead Hunter in 2369

Hunters uniform

A fully geared Hunter

Hunter transporter effect

The transporter effect

For additional meanings of "Hunter", please see Hunter.

The Hunters were a humanoid species from the Gamma Quadrant, from the same homeworld as the Tosk. They were characterized by pale yellow skin, a cleft upper palate, and corrugated foreheads.

In the Hunters' culture, it was socially acceptable way of life to chase and kill a sentient species, known as Tosk. In the past, the Hunters had developed genetic engineering to make the Tosk a worthy prey – a prey they came to respect and even admire.

In 2369, a group of Hunters arrived in the Alpha Quadrant via the Bajoran wormhole in pursuit of a Tosk. Their ship was small, but its technology was totally unknown to the Federation. Its weapon was capable of bombarding a target with an unusual type of radiation, which, when fired on Deep Space 9, was effective in reversing the polarity of the shield frequencies, allowing the Hunters to transport onto the station and attempt to locate the Tosk. They decreed that the Bajoran wormhole would be off-limits for future hunts, but the Tosk they were hunting escaped with the aid of Miles O'Brien to continue the hunt. (DS9: "Captive Pursuit")

People Edit

No Hunter characters were ever assigned names in canon productions.

Technology Edit

Armed with energy crossbows powerful enough to blast through the door to the brig in one shot on the space station Deep Space 9, the Hunters were formidable opponents in a fire-fight. They dressed in a type of protective suit that shielded them from the full effects of stun settings on phasers. In addition, they wore deflector shields on their left arms and specialized helmets, which were able to locate an invisible Tosk.

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Background information Edit

Hunter prosthetic

The Hunter's prosthetic

Like the designation "Tosk", it was not known whether the species name was "Hunter", or whether this was an indication of their job, or even their class or rank on their homeworld. However, a pre-production sketch of an original design for the Hunters in The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine indicated that the species was called the Drai. Their homeworld's name was never mentioned, or even their species. We only know what they are called from what Tosk tells Miles O'Brien. Also, in the episode "Broken Link", a Hunter was supposed to appear – thus establishing that the Hunters are members of the Dominion – but this was dropped. (The Hunter was to be the character taking the helm of the USS Defiant but it was changed to the Jem'Hadar character of Amat'igan.) It was thus unknown whether or not the Hunters were part of the Dominion.

Michael Westmore talked about the creation of the make-up for the Hunters in the DS9 Season 1 DVD special feature "Michael Westmore's Aliens: Season One".

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 74, the system where this species came from wasn't identified. Their homeworld orbited a Class K star. It had a magnitude of +9.

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