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The Hundred Changelings were a group of one hundred newly-formed Changelings that the Founders sent out in order to gather information and explore without having to travel the stars themselves. Having implanted into them an instinctive urge to return to the Omarion Nebula in the Gamma Quadrant, the Founders did not expect any to return until the late-27th century. (DS9: "The Search, Part II", "Chimera")

As the infant Changelings were "programmed" to return to the Omarion Nebula, i.e., the location of the Founders' homeworld, they must have been sent out after the Changelings retreated there due to them being persecuted during their earlier journeys of space exploration.
If the hundred Changelings were sent out simultaneously, this must have happened no later than the 22nd century, as Laas indicates that he has been with the Varalans for ca. 200 years. This, in turn, would imply that Odo remained adrift in the Denorios Belt for at least two centuries.

Known members Edit

The Sick infant Changeling from DS9: "The Begotten" might also be one of the hundred.

Apocrypha Edit

In Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 3: The Dominion, Laas returned two more of the Hundred to the Great Link. Odo discovered that the Hundred Changelings were actually sent in an exact pattern, in order to attract the attention of their creator, a giant Changeling. However, it was found and destroyed, presumably by an Ascendant, leading to the disbanding of the Great Link.

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