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Howard S. Deane, ACE is an editor who worked on the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "Ménage à Troi" in 1990.

Deane started to work as an editor in the late 1960s and the western The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) is his first credit. He then worked as assistant film editor on the drama Pieces of Dreams (1970) and the drama C.C. and Company (1970) on which he worked with fellow assistant editor John Hanley.

Further credits as editor include the romance Interval (1973), the drama I Love You... Good-bye (1974), the mini series Once an Eagle (1976-1977), the television western Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging (1977), and episodes of The Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977), Columbo (1977-1978), Centennial (1978-1979), Mrs. Columbo (1979, starring Kate Mulgrew), The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (1979), and Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (1980, starring Ben Vereen).

Deane worked as editor on the television movies For the Love of It (1980), Coach of the Year (1980), The Killing of Randy Webster (1981), Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy (1982), and The Face of Rage (1983) and the television series The Fall Guy (1983), MacGyver (1986-1987), Werewolf (1987), and Mission: Impossible (1989).

Following his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation he also worked on two episodes of Dinosaurs (1991), the pilot episode of Night Man (1997, starring Matt McColm), and the television science fiction film The Darwin Conspiracy (1999).

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