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Hot Wheels is a brand name used for many of Mattel's diecast vehicle product lines and was introduced to the public in 1968.

Star Trek associationEdit

Mattel Hot Wheels Star Trek logo

Mattel, one of the world's largest toy makers, announced that it had acquired licensing to produce merchandise based on the Star Trek franchise in 2008.

Including repaints, a total of twenty diecast metal and ABS plastic Star Trek starship miniatures have been released under the brand since 2009. Each ship was said to be in "1:50-scale" (in reference to diecast automobile scales), measured from ten to twenty centimeters in length, and included an adjustable plastic stand.

Six smaller "1:64-scale" versions of the USS Enterprise were also released between 2013 and 2019. Two versions of the "1:64-scale" USS Vengeance model and thirteen 1:64-scale Star Trek-themed wheeled vehicles were also retailed.

1:50-scale Star Trek releasesEdit

Series 1 Edit

Released in May 2009

Released in September 2009

2009 San Diego Comic-Con exclusiveEdit

Hot Wheels released its first Star Trek convention exclusive at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International. Limited quantities were also sold to non-attendees on Mattel's official website.

Released on 23 July 2009

Series 2Edit

Released in January 2010

Series 3Edit


Scene It? Ultimate Fan Pack

This series was released as six-ship set bundled with the Star Trek Scene It? Ultimate Fan Pack Limited Edition game and was retailed exclusively by Costco in North America.

Released in September 2010

Series 4Edit

Released in May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray premiumEdit

Paramount Home Entertainment's Walmart-exclusive SteelBook Blu-ray release of Star Trek Into Darkness included the USS Vengeance model as a retailer premium. also retailed the model with the limited edition (of 4000) exclusive SteelBook version of the Blu-ray 3D.

Released in September 2013


  • When first released, the Series 1 USS Enterprise (refit) had "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A" erroneously printed on its packaging. This packaging was subsequently corrected for Series 1 wave revisions and Series 2. The Series 3 USS Enterprise-A is correctly identified on the model's hull and on its packaging.
  • The USS Enterprise (alternate reality) prototype was mistakenly produced with red bussard collectors causing a four month release delay for the first production version of the ship. The color was corrected to blue before retail release.
  • The Enterprise NX-01's individual packaging erroneously identified the ship as the "USS Enterprise NX-01". However, the ship is identified correctly on the outer packaging of the Ultimate Fan Pack.
  • Information on the packaging of the USS Saratoga erroneously describes the USS Saratoga seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The registry number "NCC-1867" was printed on the model's hull but this registry number was incorrect for any incarnation of the ship. The correct registry (NCC-1887) was correctly printed on the packaging.
  • The Series 4 D4 class Klingon patrol ship was packaged as a "Klingon Bird-of-Prey" but this designation for the ship was not explicitly stated in the 2013 film.

1:64-scale Star Trek releasesEdit

USS EnterpriseEdit

Hot Wheels 2014 Retro Entertainment USS Enterprise prototype

2014 Retro Entertainment prototype

Hot Wheels released a smaller version of the alternate reality's USS Enterprise in its 7.5 cm "1:64-scale" mainline "HW Imagination Future Fleet" series in February 2013. A "battle damaged" repaint was released in the same series in June 2013. The first version of the ship was also re-released in the 2015 mainline "HW City Space Team" series, and a version with a slightly grayer basecoat was retailed in the 2019 mainline "HW Screen Time" series.

Another version of this casting with a more detailed paint deco premiered in November 2013 in the first wave of the 2014 "Retro Entertainment" line. A second "premium" version of the ship was released in the second wave of the 2016 "Entertainment" series, but without painted pennants on the secondary hull, unlike the 2014 release.[1] Another premium "Replica Entertainment" version was slated for release in November 2017 but did not reach retail.

USS VengeanceEdit

Hot Wheels 1-64 USS Vengeance

"1:64-scale" versions of the USS Vengeance were released in the 2014 "HW City Planet Heroes" and 2019 "HW Screen Time" mainline series.

Displaying more contrast than the 2014 version, the 2019 release's saucer detailing was painted in a lighter grey, while the rest of the ship was cast in a slightly darker grey.

Pop Culture vehiclesEdit

Six 1:64-scale diecast wheeled vehicles were released as part of Hot Wheels' 2014 "Pop Culture" line. These vehicles and their packaging featured artwork based on Gold Key's classic Star Trek comics.

Six more vehicles featuring packaging and vehicle artwork rendered in a more photo-realistic style premiered at retail in February 2016.

2014 releasesEdit

2016 releasesEdit

2016 San Diego Comic-Con exclusiveEdit

Hot Wheels released its second Star Trek convention exclusive, a figure and vehicle in a display case, at the San Diego Comic-Con International between 21-25 July 2016. It was closely based on the iconic photograph of a costumed Leonard Nimoy who was pictured leaning against his then-new car, adjacent to the Desilu Star Trek soundstages. Limited quantities were also made available for sale to non-attendees on Mattel's official collector site.[2]

  • Spock '64 Buick Riviera


Hot Wheels USS Voyager and USS Defiant prototypes

Unproduced USS Voyager and USS Defiant prototypes

  • The Mattel Design Center produced SLA prototypes for a 41 to 45 mm-long Hot Wheels starship line in 2003. The company considered selling diecast versions of the ships in 2-packs, alongside their 1:64 wheeled vehicle offerings, but this line was never licensed or produced.

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