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Horticulture is the science or practice of plant cultivation, and includes elements of both botany and agriculture. The area of horticulture that focuses on flower breeding and cultivation is known as floriculture.

Tuvok developed an expertise in horticulture, prior to becoming stranded in the Delta Quadrant, where he was previously a breeder of prize Vulcan orchids. It was because of this background, he was able to correctly identify a rare variety of Earth Cypripedium, of the Asiatic genus Paphiopedilum found on the Sky Spirit's homeworld in the Delta Quadrant.

Upon learning of Tuvok's interest in orchid breeding, Neelix described his own interest in breeding orchids: for use in salads.

Because of their combined "interests" in horticulture, Chakotay assigned them to be the away team's botanical surveyors, during their away mission on the Sky Spirit's homeworld. (VOY: "Tattoo")

Tuvok would share his floricultural interests with Lon Suder during a mind meld. As a result, Suder took his new found interest in the science and made it his own, by developing what he named the "Tuvok orchid". (VOY: "Meld", "Basics, Part I")

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