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– Hon-Tihl's last word, 2369 ("Dramatis Personae")

Hon-Tihl was a Klingon warrior, the first officer of the Vor'cha-class attack cruiser IKS Toh'Kaht under Captain Tel'Peh.

In 2369, Hon-Tihl was the sole survivor of the Toh'Kaht's return trip from the Gamma Quadrant, beaming off the ship as it exploded, only to die on the transporter pad. The crew of Deep Space 9 investigated Hon-Tihl's mission journal in order to determine the fate of the Toh'Kaht.

Miles O'Brien reviewed Hon-Tihl's mission logs to determine the cause of the ship's destruction. He and the crew found that Hon-Tihl, along with the rest of the crew, had succumbed to the influence of an energy matrix from the Saltah'na energy spheres. He believed the Captain Tel-Peh had become insane when he began executing officers whom the captain charged with attempting mutiny. After the chief medical officer Kee-Bhor expressed his concerns about the influence of the spheres on the crew, Hon-Tihl slit his throat, believing he was a spy for the captain. Later, there was a battle for control over the ship with the conflict spreading to several decks. Hon-Tihl belonged to the faction which opposed the captain. Even though the ship's armory was captured by Tel-Peh, the first officer was confident he could gain control of the ship. By this point, Hon-Tihl was experiencing weakness from his wounds. A little later, believing he would rather not become a prisoner to the captain, he planned the destruction of the ship, which would kill the captain, by planting a thalmerite device on a beam near the reactor core. He began to suspect that the medical officer was right in that the crew was being influenced by the spheres. As the ship approached the space station, he beamed himself aboard the station just before his device exploded, resulting in the destruction of the Toh'Kaht.

When he transported to the station, he carried with him the matrix, which affected the staff officers. An autopsy of Hon-Tihl by Julian Bashir revealed that the membrane permeability of the columnar cells in his brain stem was off. Though there could be numerous explanations for this, the most likely explanation was that it had something to do with telepathy. The results of the autopsy and Hon-Tihl's mission journal eventually led to an explanation of what happened on the Toh'Kaht and gave Odo the information he needed for saving the affected officers. (DS9: "Dramatis Personae")

Hon-Tihl was played by actor Tom Towles.
According to the script, Hon-Tihl was pronounced as "hon-TEEL".

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