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Homesickness was an acute longing for one's home. It could be provoked by a prolonged absence, similarities between one's home and another location, or the real possibility that one would not be able to go home in the near future or ever again.

In 2267, the climate of Gamma Trianguli VI reminded Pavel Chekov of Russia, which he claimed made him homesick. (TOS: "The Apple")

In 2369, after Gul Dukat had lamented about missing his old office aboard Deep Space 9, Benjamin Sisko sarcastically invited Dukat to drop by anytime he felt homesick. (DS9: "Emissary")

In 2371, Elim Garak explained his presence on Cardassia Prime by telling Corbin Entek that he was homesick. (DS9: "Second Skin")

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