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The former Enterprise crew return home from The Mirror Universe Saga (Part 8 of 8).

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A Starfleet armada has massed, with at least four refit Constitution-class and at least three Miranda-class vessels, ready to repel invaders from the mirror universe. A spatial anomaly is open nearby, as Captain Styles, from the flagship USS Christopher Pike, feeds his voice to other vessels' speakers ordering the fleet to remain at yellow alert. Styles's science officer, Morrison, reports sensor contact with a vessel traveling into our universe via the anomaly. Styles orders a female bridge officer to raise deflectors and prepare the warp drive.

After a brief countdown, the anomaly reveals the USS Excelsior, with Admiral Kirk's Klingon Bird-of-Prey docked to the underside.

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Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in DC TOS volume 1 characters.
James T. Kirk 
Starfleet rear admiral. Kirk is arrested by Styles for the theft of the Excelsior into the mirror universe.
Recently resurrected Vulcan, former captain of Enterprise.
Leonard McCoy 
Starfleet surgeon.
Montgomery Scott 
Starfleet captain of engineers.
Starfleet communications officer
Hikaru Sulu 
Starfleet commander.
Pavel Chekov 
Starfleet security officer, formerly exec of USS Reliant.
Saavik, 2285


Starfleet lieutenant junior grade assigned to Kirk's command.
Nancy Bryce 
Starfleet navigator assigned to Kirk's command.
Klingon honorary Starfleet ensign, assigned to Kirk's command.
William Bearclaw 
Starfleet operations division ensign assigned to Kirk's command.
Elizabeth Sherwood 
Starfleet helmsman assigned to Kirk's command.
Lyndra Dean 
Andorian reporter for Proxima News Service, stationed on Starbase 13.


Starfleet captain of USS Christopher Pike. Styles' former command, USS Excelsior, was sabotaged, and then stolen, by Admiral Kirk.
Steven Turner 
Starfleet grand admiral.
Science officer of the Pike.
Starfleet commodore who was the commanding officer of Starbase 13.
Carol Marcus

Carol Marcus

Carol Marcus 
Federation scientist.
Starfleet commander in the press bureau.
Starfleet lieutenant, adjutant to Admiral Turner.
Harry Morrow


Harry Morrow 
Commander, Starfleet.
Pike bridge officer 
Female officer Styles ordered to prepare the ship for battle, she later laughed at a joke James Kirk made at Styles expense, much to Styles' (and her own) chagrin.
Ambassador from Ylos.

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USS Christopher Pike 
Refit Constitution-class Federation starship commanded by Captain Styles.
USS Excelsior stalls outside Spacedock

Excelsior in front of spacedock

USS Excelsior
Excelsior-class Federation starship.
USS Lexington (NCC-1709) 
Refit Constitution-class Federation starship present in Styles's armada. The ship can be identified by its registry on page 1.
This starship was one of many docked in Spacedock. Only the front half of the ship, and its saucer section registry, were visible behind Excelsior.
Proxima News Service
Federation starbase facility.
Starbase 13
USS Surak 
Federation starship assigned to Spock's command.
Planet, home of Ambassador Crandalx.

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