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Voyager over los angeles

Voyager flies above the LA area in 1996

For the book by Gore Vidal, please see Hollywood (book).

Hollywood was a district within Los Angeles, California, on the western coast of the North American continent on Earth. The district was most associated with the American film and television industry due to the presence of numerous movie studios, where many movies and television shows were filmed.

Griffith Observatory was located in a part of Hollywood known as the Hollywood Hills. Time-displaced crewmembers from the USS Voyager visited this area in 1996. (VOY: "Future's End")

In an alternate timeline 1944, a German SS officer claimed that Americans were good at making Hollywood movies with stars like Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake, but not at fighting. He said that, at some point, he would go to Hollywood and meet Betty Grable. Jonathan Archer did not think that he was Grable's type. (ENT: "Storm Front")

Hollywood is, of course, the primary filming location of all Star Trek productions. Paramount Studios is located in Hollywood and has housed every incarnation of the starship Enterprise.

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