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Hirogen trophy wall

Hirogen relics

"The way a creature behaves when it is wounded is the key to its destruction".
- an Alpha Hirogen

Hirogen philosophy and lifestyle was almost totally based around one major activity: hunting. The hunt was the most important part of Hirogen life, and absorbed most of Hirogen activity. Prey which put up a struggle before they were killed in the hunt were considered "worthy prey". The Hirogen thought that these prey made better trophies. The weaker, less cunning prey were considered pathetic prey, and gave no satisfaction or challenge to the hunt. To get food, it was speculated that the Hirogen ate their prey. It was also apparent that the Hirogen liked to learn as much as possible about their prey if they were captured alive. Because their entire lives were spent hunting, little time or resources were left for research and development. The Hirogen were nomadic. They had no homes or bases of operations. This was not always the case however. The Hirogen were once a great civilization and an advanced culture.

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