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The hertz is a unit of frequency, named after Earth scientist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. One hertz is equal to one cycle per second.

Comparative list of frequency

  • The EM pattern given off by the Sentry on one of the moons in the Pentarus system remained between 5 and 15 hertz when the water fountain it protected was unthreatened. When the fountain was approached, the Sentry's frequency would rise to 40 hertz. (TNG: "Final Mission")
  • In 2375, The Doctor sang up to a range of 880 hertz in order to check for damage to Chakotay's auditory nerves. This was done after exposure to chaotic space had reactivated a previously suppressed gene that caused, among other symptoms, auditory hallucinations. (VOY: "The Fight")
Megahertz = 1 million hertz
1 million megahertz is actually equal to 1 terahertz.
Gigahertz = 1 billion hertz
Terahertz = 1 trillion hertz

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