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Hermann Göring

Hermann Göring

Marshal Hermann Göring was a Human who lived on Earth in the 20th century. He accompanied Adolf Hitler to the top of the Empire State Building during a state visit to the USA in 1944. (ENT: "Storm Front, Part II")

In the regular version of World War II at least, Göring was head of the Luftwaffe. He actually had served as a pilot in the immediate predecessor of the Luftwaffe, the First World War-era "Imperial German Flying Corps" (Luftstreitkräfte, and on whose remnants the Luftwaffe was founded), becoming in the process a fighter ace with 22 air-to-air combat victories to his name. One of its fighter aircraft, similar to the ones Göring himself piloted, appeared in the opening credits of the mirror universe Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly".

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