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Herbert Wallerstein (28 November 192529 September 1985; age 59) directed four episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, including the final episode, "Turnabout Intruder".

He also directed episodes of such television programs as I Dream of Jeannie (on which he also worked as associate producer during the first season), The Brady Bunch, Gunsmoke, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Wonder Woman. He was also a director on the comic western series Barbary Coast, which starred TOS actor William Shatner.

Wallerstein was murdered by his housekeeper, Mayre Melendez Lopez, who beat her employer with a baseball bat, then, trying to cover up her crime, she dumped his body in a car and set the vehicle on fire. Lopez claimed that she acted out of self-defense, and was not found guilty in any of the manslaughter charges. [1]

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