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Hendorff examines a suspicious plant, moments before it kills him

Mister Hendorff was a 23rd century Human Starfleet officer who served as a member of security aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise.

Hendorff was a member of the landing party on Gamma Trianguli VI in 2267. He was one of Vaal's victims, killed by a pod plant, moments after arriving on the planet's surface. (TOS: "The Apple")

Hendorff was played by actor Mal Friedman. He was the first of four redshirts to be killed in this episode.
The ongoing comic book series from IDW Publishing revealed that the character known as "Cupcake" in the 2009 film is Hendorff's alternate reality-counterpart. In issue #13, "The Redshirt's Tale", Hendorff survives this timeline's version of "The Apple" after receiving a blood transfusion from Spock, who is immune to the plant's poison. His first name initials are revealed to be "G. P."

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