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Interwiki links are a way to facilitate the creation of connections between different wikis instead of requiring that a full URL be duplicated.

Local interwiki links Edit

The first kind of interwiki links are links to editions of Memory Alpha in other languages. Generally, on a page these links will appear at the left side of a page under the heading "in other languages". These links can be created like this:


Alternatively, you can include these links inline in an article using the following method:


The list of interwiki prefixes for the various language editions of Memory Alpha are as follows:

Language Code
German de
French fr
Dutch nl
Esperanto eo
Spanish es
Polish pl
Swedish sv
Serbian sr
Czech cs
Russian ru
Portuguese pt
Chinese zh-cn
Japanese ja
Bulgarian bg
Italian it
Catalan ca
Romanian ro
etc. etc.

The second kind of interwiki links are inline links to other Wikia wikis. These links can be created as follows:


An inline link to a Wikia page is created like this:


Note that some of the (older) Wikia wikis also have their own dedicated prefixes, but Wikia has moved away from creating a dedicated prefix for each wiki, and so the newer ones do not have one.

External interwiki links Edit

Links to websites outside of Memory Alpha can be created in the same fashion, except that these links will always appear inline in an article. An example would be:


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