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The ActivityFeed tag allows you to expose MyHome-style recent changes anywhere on your wiki, using simple wikitext: <activityfeed/>

Basic usageEdit

By default, the activity feed shows essentially the same feed as MyHome.

All you need to do is add <activityfeed/> to an article.


Users can customize the parameters of the tag to control elements of the feed.

Sample code: <activityfeed size=5 hideimages=true exclude="main,blog talk" />

Lets you set the number of items listed
For example, size=3
hideimages, hidevideos, hidecategories
Lets you hide images, video and categories from the feed by setting this value to true
For example, hideimages=true
Namespaces to exclude - limit feed by removing unwanted namespaces (e.g. remove all blog posts)
For example, exclude="main, blog talk"
Allows insertion of formatting directly into the top level of the tag
For example, style="width:300px;"
Changes the list into the style of the MyHome user contributions list (one line; icon, name, short timestamp, diff icon) by setting this value to true
Shows content namespaces only
Article names are not repeated. For example, for these changes: Alice, Alice, Alice, Bob, Carol, Bob, Dan, Alice, Ethelred → Alice, Bob, Carol, Dan, Ethelred
For example, shortlist=true

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