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Hekaras II was the inhabited second planet in the Hekaras system. This system was located in the Hekaras Corridor. A member of the Federation, it was the homeworld of the Hekarans.

In the 2360s, Hekaran scientists Serova and Rabal concluded that warp travel through the Corridor was destabilizing the surrounding space, causing climate shifts on Hekaras II. Eventually, the formation of subspace ruptures would render the planet uninhabitable. In 2370, Dr. Serova sacrificed herself to prove her theory, by breaching her ship's warp core and creating a large subspace rift, 0.1 light years in diameter. The gravitational shifts caused by the subspace rupture began to affect the orbit of Hekaras II. A weather control network was installed on the planet to forestall the existing effects of the Corridor's instability. The Federation Council issued a directive restricting essential travel only to Hekaras II. (TNG: "Force of Nature")

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