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Yellow dabo girl, Omags woman one of Omag's girls

Heather Long is the actress and model who appeared as one of Omag's girls in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "Unification II" in 1991. She filmed her scenes on Wednesday 18 September 1991 on Paramount Stage 8.

A pictorial of her appeared in the July 1991 issue of Playboy. Her other acting credits include appearances on Apaculpo H.E.A.T. (1994) and 24 (2005, with Roger Cross, Timothy Davis-Reed, and Tony Plana) and roles in the films Trapped (1999), Island Prey (2001, with Jack Donner, Jerry Hardin, and Jenna Z. Wilson), and Three-Fifty (2007).

More recently she appeared in the musical romance My Two Fans (2009) and had a guest role in an episode of Brothers & Sisters (2010, with Jay Karnes).

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