Datas head

Data's head

For the fixture where bodily waste goes, please see toilet. For the room where bodily waste is removed, please see bathroom.

The head was the uppermost part of a humanoid, featuring the face and the forehead as well as the brain, skull, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

In 2268, Kang announced his intention to have James T. Kirk's head stuffed and hung on the captain's cabin wall, following the Klingon's takeover of the ship. (TOS: "Day of the Dove")

Cranial lobes, the enlarged foreheads of species such as the Malcorians, were also part of the head. Dr. Berel once stated to 'Rivas Jakara', Commander William T. Riker in disguise, that "your cranial lobes, for instance seem to be surgical implants". Rivas replied that he had genetic irregularities. (TNG: "First Contact")

Data's head was once left in the past under the city of San Francisco for more than five hundred years. (TNG: "Time's Arrow", "Time's Arrow, Part II")

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