The Hazari vessel was a heavily armed starship used by Hazari bounty hunters, equipped with advanced directed energy weapons, spatial charges, and a tractor beam.

Y'Sek and his pilot flew one of these vessels during their initial capture of the USS Voyager in 2375. Their ship was disabled when Voyager fired its phasers in the metreon cloud that the two ships were in. While the ship was not disabled, it did not order a pursuit of Voyager. Following this encounter, Y'Sek and his pilot continued their search for Voyager aboard a Hazari shuttle.

After it was discovered that both Voyager and the Hazari were duped by the "Think Tank", numerous Hazari vessels and shuttles participated in an attack on the Think Tank vessel. (VOY: "Think Tank")

For more information, and further appearances of this design, see: studio model.

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