Hazari shuttle

Hazari shuttle in debris field

Hazari shuttle interior

Interior of a Hazari shuttle

The Hazari shuttle was an advanced shuttle used by Hazari bounty hunters. This two person craft was equipped with advanced directed energy weapons.

Y'Sek and his pilot flew one of these craft during their search for USS Voyager in 2375. Their ship was disabled by spatial charges while investigating what appeared to be a debris field left over from the destruction of Voyager, which was in reality a booby trap set by Voyager's crew. The shuttle was then tractored into Voyager's shuttlebay, where Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay proceeded to search for clues that might suggest who the Hazari were working for.

After it was discovered that the were duped by the "Think Tank", the Hazari shuttle participated in an attack on the Think Tank vessel. (VOY: "Think Tank")

For more information, and further appearances of this design, see studio model.

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